p u r p l e

...Also known as Texas Bluebell, Prairie Gentian and Lira de San Pedro, Lisianthus is native to Texas and Mexico, and descended from a North American wildflower. It is said that lisianthus symbolizes appreciation // 

I don't have a purple problem... I have a purple passion!" -Jackie Harmon Sweeney

purple lisianthis.jpg


For your poolside or beach-house barbecue, mono-floral bud vases add just the right touch of chic to your al fresco table //

“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.” ―Fennel Hudson



Set the Tone

Tonal pink dahlias. Period.

The fabric of a garden is determined as much by its textures as by its tonal range and architectural flair. -John Burnside

Go ahead! Pick your Scab...iosa

This gorgeous combination of scabiosa, alium, rosemary and mint is a guaranteed show-stopper that SCREAMS summer!!! Beautifully charming in a sequence of bud vases //

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Marrakech Express

Moroccan inspired compositions bring bold colors to the forefront, add spices to the air, hint at the swish of fabrics, and borrow from the structure and artistic integrity of mosaics //

"Marrakech taught me color." -Yves Saint Laurent

summer1 copy.jpg

the world according to j u n e

Speaking of June, the hydrangeas are making their presence known, as they demonstrate their own multi-colored explosion and issue in the beginning of summer. //

In early June, the world of leaf and blade and flower explodes, and every sunset is different. -John Steinbeck
pink and green hydrangea copy.jpg

Taking up the Mantle

Beautiful mantel installation at @theplazahotel designed for @brides magazines' live steam for the royal wedding. //

"There's nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth." -Alice Cary